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Swim Desk - FAQ

Swim Desk Frequently Asked Questions

Swim Desk’s online Parent Portal is a helpful tool to improve communications with the Responsible Persons of students enrolled in Minky’s Swim School. 

The Responsible Person for each Minky’s Swim School account will be given login details and URL information to access the Parent Portal. Here you can adjust and personalise your username and password once you log in (via the profile link in the top right-hand corner of the site).

Are your contact details up to date? Please contact us if you have not provided an email address or need to update it.

When you log in to Parent Portal you will see;

  • A summary of the students' class and teacher
  • The students' most recent assessment results
  • All skill levels a student has acquired
  • Progress a student has made towards the proceeding skills

The Parent Portal also includes a certificate download link which becomes available once students progress from their current level. The certificate automatically embeds the students' name, teacher’s name and completion date and can be printed at home by the parent as soon as they receive the progression email. But don’t worry, we will still be providing hard copies too!

Where do I login?

You can log on with your assigned username and password (which will be sent out to you) at

What do I do if I lose my login information?

Contact our friendly staff – you will also be provided with your login info each time we send a Progress Assessment email

Can I use Swim Desk on my smart device?

Yes, the Parent Portal has been optimised for viewing on smartphone

Is there an app for Swim Desk?

No, the parent portal is optimised for viewing on a smartphone and therefore acts in much the same manner as an app. We recommend that you save the portal link to your smartphone and save your username and password so you can easily log in with a couple of clicks

Which web browsers are compatible with Swim Desk?

We recommend using Google Chrome on computers and Safari on iPad. Swim Desk will work with most major browsers however we have had some minor issues with Firefox.

I have a question about my childs report, what do I do?

Contact the centre or speak to a Supervisor on pool deck.

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Last updated: 04 July 2017