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Minky's Swim School Levels

There are 9 Learn to Swim levels at Minky's Swim School specifically developed to teach children the fundamentals of swimming and safety around pools and water.
As each child builds their confidence in the water and demonstrates competency in each area of a level, they move through the levels learning more swimming skills and techniques.

 Level: Skills:
  1. Slide in entry & exit shallow 
  2. Kicking on front holding on to edge
  3. Kicking on back holding on to edge 
  4. Aided front float
  5. Aided back float 
  6. Move through water unassisted
  7. Submerge with bubbles
Clownfish Clownfish
  1. Slide in entry & exit deep 
  2. Unaided front float
  3. Unaided back float 
  4. Kicking on front with board 5m
  5. Kicking on back with board 5m 
  6. Torpedo- push & glide 5m
  7. Submerge for an object 
Crab Crab
  1. Freestyle with board 5m
  2. Backstroke with board 5m
  3. Front torpedo 5m
  4. Back torpedo 5m
  5. Minky jump- float, lane rope, return
  6. Develop bubble/breathe
  7. Sculling 5m 
Turtle Turtle
  1. Freestyle 5m
  2. Backstroke 5m
  3. Kicking on front 10m
  4. Kicking on back 10m
  5. Survival backstroke kick with sculling 5m
  6. Compact jump
  7. Sitting dive
Platypus Platypus
  1. Freestyle 8m
  2. Backstroke 8m
  3. Breaststroke kick with board 8m
  4. Survival backstroke 8m
  5. Dolphin kick 8m
  6. Reach rescue
  7. Kneeling Dive
  1. Freestyle 12m
  2. Backstroke 12m
  3. Breaststroke – breathing & timing 12m
  4. Dolphin kick 12m
  5. Deepwater submerge
  6. Survival backstroke 25m
  7. Crouching Dive
  1. Freestyle with bilateral breathing 12m
  2. Backstroke 12m
  3. Breaststroke 12m
  4. Breaststroke kick 25m
  5. Butterfly with timing 12m
  6. Treading water – 1 minute
  7. Standing dive
Shark Shark
  1. Freestyle 25m 2
  2. Backstroke 25m
  3. Breaststroke 25m
  4. Butterfly- Complete stroke 12m
  5. Dolphin kick 25m
  6. Sidestroke 25m
  7. Standing dive into glide
Seal Seal
  1. Freestyle 100m
  2. Backstroke 50m
  3. Breaststroke 50m
  4. Butterfly 25m
  5. Dolphin kick 50m
  6. Survival swim 100m
  7. Forward somersault

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Last updated: 29 April 2016