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Memberships and Multi Visit Passes Now Available

Please note - 

From Thursday, 17 December, COVID-19 Memberships and Multi-Visit passes will no longer be available for purchase. COVID-19 memberships purchased prior to this date will continue to have access up until and including Sunday 3 January 2021. 
A regular membership will be required to access our facilities from Monday 4 January 2021. COVID-19 Multi-Visit passes will continue to be valid until the expiry of the pass (6 months from date of purchase). 


How to Start Your Membership or Purchase a Multi Visit Passes

  • New Customers

If you are a new customer and have never provided details to Active Monash, please click below to purchase a membership online. 




  • Existing Customers

If you are an existing member or our system has recognised your email account, please visit “My Account” to get started. 


  • How to Upgrade Your Membership

Follow the steps below to upgrade an existing membership.

How do I upgrade my membership?

If you have an existing membership you can upgrade to a new option through My Account. 

  • Log into your account via “My Account” and select the “buy online” menu drop down. Select memberships. 

View your existing memberships and select the green “change” button.



  • Choose which membership you would like to change to and select the green “buy’ button.
  • Review the change of membership detail and accept the terms and conditions. You will be charged a pro rata for the difference in membership fee. Add in your direct debit and billing information to make the outstanding payment.
  • 7.-Pro-Rata-Change.jpg


  • Downgrading Your Membership

1. Select your new membership via My Account and complete the new payment method.

Please see below how to guide on joining a new membership.

How do I join a membership?

Existing customers can view and join membership options directly through ‘My Account’ under the ‘Buy Online’ heading.  It is recommended to do this on a desktop PC for ease of navigating through the process.  You can also complete this from a mobile if you select ‘Full Site’ so you can view the full features and options available.


2. Submit your request to cancel your current membership online. You will be credited your existing pro rata amount to your new membership for the first direct debit.  


Last updated: 17 December 2020